The flag

Today I'm going to reach a peak
that no one has ever reached.
I would have to enjoy it.
But this is not the case.

Enjoy the journey,
they say.

As if this
out for a walk.

This is not a stroll.
It is a career.

To this summit
you don't just stroll in.

You arrive slowly, yes,
everything slowly
that can be reached,
but not walking.

At least
I don't know how to do it that way.
And neither do they.
That is why they are not here.

adding hours,

that rob you of whole days.

that hide the passing of the months and the weight of the years.

Dedicated years
to do this,
that no one has ever done.

Others will say
that it is about the ego,
that I do
for recognition.
They don't know what hurts

It is done because you have no choice.

A pinch
you carry between
the chest and stomach.

He squeezes and tells you
what you have
to do.

It sets you apart
even from your people.

I will savor it later,
sufficient time has passed,
when it no longer hurts to look.

So maybe,
if I am lucky,
can turn his head
and think, I did it.
Then I will enjoy it.
And maybe, for a moment,
forgive me.

It can't be.

September 17, 2020
I finished building a structure
to create responsive webcomics.
I thought it was the first
time it was done.

December 11, 2020,
I discovered that it already existed since 2017
a project with all the bases
of what a webcomic should be
responsive well done:

Standards, Semantics, & Sequential Art
and a first responsive comic
Toy Planes by Pablo Defendini.

Finished my career,
I am left with the findings
and know that I was not
alone in my madness.

And yet now,
with everything lost,
I begin to see the beauty.

This is a responsive and multilingual webcomic.

At this link I describe the main features of the responsive comics I publish. There is also a demo with the layout options of this format.

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