Framing Maxalto

Framing Maxalto Framing Maxalto is a project in which I have been lucky enough to collaborate. It consists of creating illustrations taking as a starting point furniture from the firm Maxalto. - Max writing desk - Clio armchair - Abseo table - Psiche mirror - Nidus armchair - Aurae sofa  

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My shadow. Download psd.

My shadow PSDMy shadow download3.00€Please Signup*Username * UsernameUsername can not be left blank.Please enter valid username.This username is already registered, please choose another one.This username is invalid. Please enter a valid username.*First Name * First NameFirst Name can not be left blank.Please enter valid data.This first name is invalid. Please enter a valid first name...

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Free your mind

Illustration, illot, covid-19

Back Free your mind. Covid-19 To keep your head on straight, you have to take a break from time to time.

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Earth Covid 2020

earth 2020 covid-19

Back Earth 2020. The year of Covid-19 The year 2020 is undoubtedly a key year in the history of mankind.

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Keep pulling

Back Keep pulling Together we all have to stop this curve that creates the Covid-19 contagion.

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