The assassination

This part is uncomfortable. As hard to acknowledge as it is essential. I have to assassinate that little egomaniacal king who lives inside me and thinks he has talent.

There is no other option. He must be killed. He's wrong. There is no such talent, and if there is, I don't have it.

That egomaniacal king spends his life waiting for his time to come. He is sure it will come one way or another. In reality he doesn't even know what he wants. He is incapable of seeing anything in front of him, because he doesn't even know how to look. He is just the king of ignorance and I must kill him. He thinks that things will come to him because of who he is.

That way of thinking is a brake and a block to any development. It is a cowardly and absurd position. It is a closed door. It is a disguise. It is more fears.