Previous indications

Previous indications

Having discovered the extent of my ignorance with Pepe Gimeno's course, I considered it essential to read the book Visual Perception by Ruldof Areim. It's not an easy read, but behind every page are hidden decisive revelations. The book has accompanied me all this time of crisis.

I leave some doubts and relative conclusions, some that come from the book and others that do not, but they are the points that, from my situation of ignorance repeatedly commented on in these pages, have taken me the most time to assimilate.

I suppose a lot of this knowledge is studied in fine arts or design schools, but I didn't know about it.

They seem definitive to me.

The main conclusion I draw is that in the image there are two types of elements, those that already exist on the blank sheet and those that we add.

Both types of elements play decisive roles when it comes to perceiving an image by the reader.