Cinema framing

Cinema framing

I come from the world of audiovisual communication. Video and animation. In that world, a type of composition based on types of film shots reigns. A structuring that takes the human figure as a reference and establishes different types of framing of it. Thus, there is the wide shot when a complete scene is represented, American shot, medium shot, close-up and very close-up.

I suppose that this system is arrived at because it is based on the basis of representing from a point of view. It always starts with a camera and its position.

This type of framing has also prevailed in the world of comics.

But this type of composition clashes squarely with the composition of painting, which has found other ways of composing elements, arriving at another type of communication.

In illustration, I can choose what best suits the scene. It's a freedom inherent to the medium that I tend to restrict.