Assembling the Canvas

Building the Canvas

The Odyssey Comes to an End

The construction of a digital tool.

For a few years now I've been looking for a tool to publish the web. There have been many attempts. Some were used for some things, such as the blog, others for publishing stories, such as mobilecomic. Others were good for displaying image galleries. But I couldn't get everything I wanted to get on one page.

The funny thing is, that stuck me. He wouldn't let me move forward in the image.

It's not just about uploading images to a gallery. The goal was to create a worthy publishing tool for everything you want to share, whether it's a blog post, a story, or an illustration.

The format matters and on the web, it is extremely complex to build a canvas that allows you to read different content well and on different screens.

Now, the canvas is mounted. It's the one I wanted. It's blank, but the format exists.

Somehow, I feel like I can get to work on the image, to fill the canvas.