Twin Peaks

I got hooked on the show again….. Leo… Agent Cooper,… James.. Bob!!!…. the one-armed man,… the red curtains,.!!!!!!!
After watching three episodes in a row at night, I turned off the lights and walked to the bedroom guided by the light of my cell phone. I went to bed. I fell asleep. And within hours, I woke up, as if by a noise. I looked at the door, and it was illuminated by a light that seemed to come from outside the house. I thought it would be from a lamppost, but I wanted to see what a lamppost. I got up and what was my surprise when a small lamp in the living room was on. Lit in the early morning of the night, in the sun of the empty room, how? who? when?.. Leo?… Bob!!!??
Let’s see who’s the handsome guy who falls asleep after that,..