I know that writing this in the third person is wrong, but that's how I feel. Illot is one half of someone who works in motion graphics, has a family and a different life. An indivisible and indefatigable half that doesn't give up. It's part of the nature of that someone. Thus, it becomes a vital necessity, like breathing. Something that someone can't give up.

Illot likes to think and worry about things like a madman. And going round and round looking for essences that he doesn't always find. He likes simple and direct things. Dirty, textured, but tidy.

I am that someone. It took me a while, but I've accepted him. Illot is like that, he doesn't want to be anything. He just wants to be what he is. He won't stop. This is his space. Here I let him be.

If you see that this page is without much activity, it's because I'm very busy and I don't have time.

If one day I'm with you and I seem absent, do not hesitate, it's Illot, tell him to wait and leave me alone for a while.


Born in Madrid, on 22-05-1976.
Resident in Valencia since 2007.

Creation of the portal With small and big comics to be seen from the mobile phone. 2017.
Publication of "Alien Revolution". A comic to be viewed from the mobile phone. 2016.
Illustrations for the book "El mono Pelón" The gallery of the book.
Illustration and design of the cover of the album "Cosmonauta" by Cosmonauta Music Group.
Comic "La página en vlanco" The gallery of the book.
Illustrations for the illustrated album "El Mago Abracabrí-Abracabrá" The gallery of the book.


Visual narrative workshop of the Escuela minúscula, taught by Maguma, Riki Blanco and Javier Olivares. (2021).
Comic workshop by Jorge González (2020).
Pablo Auladell's workshop (2011).
Illustration workshop "Ilustrarte" given by Svetlan Junakovic. Valladolid 2008.
Course of painting techniques. 2003-2006 by Juan Miguel Palacios.
Cartoon course at the Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional 3 years (1998-2001).

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