Yeah. Look at him.
So classic. So old. So decrepit.
And we invisible witnesses
that will immortalize the moment.
Another poor fool in white
signing his soul's doom with the patriarchy
more backward-looking.

HAHAHAHAHA! Don't start with the politics, you're getting too much.

Hahaha. It's all politics.

Did you bring the flashes?


Did you check the batteries?

Yes. You asked me on the way out.

Come on! Come on!

Isn't that the bad politician you're telling me about?

Yes. The Marquis this palace was missing.

What are you doing here?

Come on, where do these come from?

Can't they see us?

Did you bring your telephoto lens?

Which one? The one from your paparazzi past?

Yes. The beast.

Of course, of course. As usual. Just in case.

Oh, good. You're very big. Today you do the main ones today.

Really? You're leaving me?

Let's see if it's true that you're ready.

But what's the matter?

That everything is politics and today it's my turn to hunt big game.