Are you going to leave
me the main camera for a while today?

Next time,

You know you always
answer me the same thing, don't you?

No... No way.

You miss it.

I'm sure you
went out yesterday.

More or less.

Like more
or less?

I didn't go out, but...

But what?
What does that smile mean

Sara came home.

What Sara? Wait,
what time is it?

The waitress at
that May wedding

That Sarah? Seriously?


Is yours
very strong?
How do you do it?

There are five minutes left.
One has its resources...

We arrived safely.
Just, but good.

In the end
Lucy held on, huh?

This van
is tougher than you
and I put together.

But don't
sing victory
, it has to take us back.

Is that it?