First Page

Yesterday I was nervous. First thing today I would start with the first page. The first attempt to see how far I could go. When I sat down, my hand was shaking a little. I laughed and enjoyed.
After the next four hours, I was surprised by the result. It was more than I expected. It’s not a feeling of throwing bells in the air. It’s more of a sense of calm. Take a weight off your shoulders. The result allows us to make the decision to move forward, but with different peace of mind. If he had not been happy, the situation would be complicated, he would have to decide whether to go ahead or not. Now there’s nothing to value. Just keep going. From now on, there are 90 days of approximately 4 hours.
The result has also surprised me with the final aesthetic. I had to take
and his paint stains off the shelf again.
A must-have Laocoön.